Our recent trip to Skipsea Castle on the 7th April 2015. We arrived at 7 pm it was a clear night but very cold. Seven members attended it was a steep tiring climb to the top of the mound but we all made it.  The castle is reputed to be haunted  by Drogos wife. He was a knight and a close friend of William the 1st who came over in 1066 as a valiant  knight he was rewarded by William and given title and lands all over Holderness and was also given his nieces hand in marriage who he murdered and left the country quick to Flanders, to flee from William. He was never found but his wife’s spirit is reported to haunt the castle to this day because she is not buried in consecrated ground. On this evening we found very little activity apart from the emf meters spiking a few times, and a few orbs captured on some of the members cameras. But it was an enjoyable evening by those who attended.


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