We are delighted and honoured to welcome to the East Yorkshire Psychic Research the Reverend Lionel Fanthorpe    who has kindly accepted our invitation to be our President.


lionel1s[1]Lionel started as a Journalist in Cromer. Then ten years as a Headmaster (Principal) of a big Comprehensive High School in Cardiff.  Lionel is now a popular TV and Radio presenter and celebrity guest on chat shows, as well as a fully ordained Anglican Priest.  He’s a qualified weight–training instructorand a Dan Grade martial arts instructor. With 50 years in print and having written well over 250 books as well as numerous, columns, articles and features you might wonder how he manages to fit so much in…Lionel is part of a team, Patricia, his wife for over 50 years is his agent, manager, business partner and PR exec.Lionel_Patricia


lionel6[1]Lionel began his showbiz career way back in the ‘fifties when he appeared on Anglia TV and BBC Look East. His speciality in those days was to research a mystery and present it, then sing one of his songs about it — which is pretty much what he still does on his now famous and popular Fortean TV series for Channel 4 TV in the UK. His other recent highly successful series include Stranger than Fiction for West Country TV and Stations of the Cross for HTV. He also presented a great mystery show called The Real Nostradamus on Channel 4 TV. He was Question Master for two series of Holy Quiz on HTV Wales and he presented the 20-part Castles of Horror series on Discovery and Horizon. He also presented two series of the history programme Talking Stones. He makes Guest Celebrity appearances on shows such as ITV 1’s This Morning. He’s also appeared as a guest on children’s programmes like the K–Club on BBC, and he frequently broadcasts for BBC Radio Wales, Real Radio and many other stations including Coast to Coast, and the Joe Salzone Show in the USA. He’s an actor, scriptwriter, presenter, celebrity guest panellist, singer songwriter and general all-round entertainer.  As a Dan Grade Martial Arts Instructor, he enjoys action sequences and does his own stunts. Our showbiz slogan is: “Have Harley-Davidson — will travel!”

You may wish to visit his web site to find out much more about Lionel.  http://www.lionel-fanthorpe.com




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