Vic and Christine were invited to a friends property in Flambrough were it is reported years ago somewhere on his land there was a well and a girl called Jenny Gallows committed suicide by jumping into the well. Her spirit is supposed to haunt the area around the well. So we decided to take up the opportunity and do an investigation at this location. Richard the owner of the property joined us on this investigation as he was quite interested in the story of Jenny Gallows. It was about 8pm when we arrived at this location and we set up several infra red cameras around the grounds of the property. We took several photos during the investigation and captured some very good light anomalies. One in particular looks like an eyeball captured inside an orb as you can see on the pictures displayed.


During the investigation an owl started to squawk very loudly as if it was startled by something  so we took photographs of the area and immediately we captured a mist on the camera the camera took continuace shots but only one image had the mist on the picture, we didn’t actually see the mist at the time of taking the photograph’s as you can see by the picture displayed a face can be seen in the mist.

During an Evp session we also captured an unusual sound which appears to be spitting and saying “Bitch” then it seems to snarl when I asked if they could use there energy to light the meter up. Listen to the recording with headphones to get a clear understanding of the Evp captured.

We also captured an Evp on video. I was trying to communicate with spirit when the voice was caught on video we didn’t actually here it at the time of the recording the voice you here is saying “Help”

It was a very interesting investigation and we hope to go back there soon.

eyeball orb 1 orb enlarged you can see an eye ball inside the orb


orb enlarged

Orb enlarged


strange mist

Strange mist