One Tuesday evening earlier this year seven of our members went on a visual to a grave yard near Hornsea, East York’s, with our spirit boxes and digital recorders hoping to record some EVP’s.  They set up the equipment and asked the normal questions, “is any one there”, “we mean you no harm”, “please come towards the tree”, after a short time Christine heard a growl and turned towards Vic and said did you hear that growl, Vic said no and at that point they both heard several loud growls which continued for several moments.  The ground shook slightly, and seemed to move as if something translucent was moving towards them. At the same time at the other side of the graveyard  the rest of the team heard two loud bangs, at which point Vic and Christine pulled the rest of the team out for safety reasons they then said a closing prayer and left.

Grave Yard Tree1  Grave Stones  Church View

There have been stories in folk law of dogs being buried at the entrance of graveyards to protect the spirits of the dead, whether this has any baring on Vic and Christine’s experience we don’t really know but there are plenty of stories relating the subject of demon dogs or large black dogs with commonly described features including large red eyes, bared teeth and shaggy black fur. The Black Shuck sometimes recorded as an omen of death.

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