Deceased neighbours face caught on camera

I have taken many photos in my house of orbs in the last few months, but there is one in particular I would like to share with you. It was taken in my bedroom one evening as I was taking photos. The picture shows an orb and if you look closely you can see the structure of a face even the shape of the orb is oval like a head. The face which appeared in the orb was very familiar to me, but I wanted to get a second opinion from someone else who had known this person who I believed it to be. I showed the photo to a neighbour who Immediately recognised the face too.

This was very exciting for me as the person who we thought it looked like used to be a neighbour called Tom and they unfortunately passed away about a year ago. His partner was still living next door to me so I decided to show her the picture. She was so taken up with the picture when I showed her it she cried. She showed me another picture of him that she had  taken before he passed away. The resemblance was uncanny it was definitely Tom coming back to say hello and letting us know that he was okay.

DSCF6194 - Copy 

Photo abovet shows a light anomaly on the wall.


The photo above shows the anomaly enlarged showing the structure of a face.


Image above enlarged again.