“Many thanks for solving our problems we were convinced that our house was haunted, two priests from different churches and two ladies came to do a blessing but that didn’t work. But you two came along and did an investigation on what had been happening, it turned out that it was my medication. Thanks again for helping us.”

Brenda and Tom. Hornsea

” A spirit had followed us from another property were we used to live. We called in Vic and Christine to see if they could help us as we thought we were going crazy, they did a blessing and it seemed to have worked. We have had no more bother since.”

Tina, North Hull

“I was experiencing strange things in my house it was scaring me. Vic and Christine came and blessed my house. I feel much happier everything is quiet and I have had no more trouble.”

Sue, East Hull

I was seeing spirits and could not sleep, I thought I was going crazy. I lost friends through this they told me to go and see a doctor. I was at my wits end a nervous wreck, a friend told me to call in Vic and Christine. They talked to me and went through all my past history from when it all began. It turned out that I was psychic and they put me in touch with a local spiritualist church were I have learnt to accept my gift and I am now helping others. Thank you so much for directing in the right direction.”

Amanda, Bridlington.

” I have had no problems since Vic and Christine came to my flat, I was frightened because I new there was something in my flat. It used to wake me up on a night I couldn’t sleep. They performed a blessing and its now peaceful. Thanks again for your help God bless.”

Shane, Hornsea.

” Thanks Vic and Christine for putting the spirits in my house to rest.”

Val, Hornsea.

” Vic is my neighbour and he got a message from my ex partner who had passed away. This gave me great comfort knowing that he was okay and with me.”

Irene, Hornsea.

” I would like to thank you Vic and Christine for doing an investigation at my flat and giving me peace of mind.”

Bill, Driffield

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting my house to rest. God bless and Thank you.”

Maureen, York.

” I felt a fool when I got in  touch with Vic and Christine they soon put my mind to rest and was very understanding. Strange things was happening in my 17th century house. My children were being effected, my wife had been scratched and I was physically attacked while I was sleeping one night. I got to the point were I couldn’t sleep upstairs. Vic and Christine did an investigation and then a blessing. The house is now calm and I am now sleeping back upstairs. Many thanks.

Jack, Seaton.

” Thanks Vic and Chris for coming into my shop and putting the spirit that was terrifying my staff to rest. God Bless. Thank god theirs people like you who we can come to when we need this type of help.”

Jean, Beverley. 

” Great I like the way you Investigated the problem that I had in my house and then did a blessing. Good work and many thanks its nice to have our home back again. Most of all thank you for the discretion.”

Mrs X, Withernsea.

” Hi Vic and Chris thanks for showing me how to do a blessing in my house.”

Roger, Ohio USA.

” Just a short note to say thank you for doing an investigation in my home, it was enjoyable and very interesting to watch you using your specialist equipment. And its nice to think theirs people like yourself s  willing to help.”

Pauline, Scarborough.

” Thank you Vic and Christine for appearing on my radio programme. We found it very enlightening and interesting. We hope that you will appear again soon in the near future.”

Bob, Over the Rainbow, World wide radio.