DSCF2437 DSCF5844

E.Y.P.R investigation at the Hornsea Ex service mens club on the 18th May 2015. Members present were the Team directors Vic and Christine and Bob and David the Teams Psychic mediums as well as Julia the groups researcher. Over the years the club has been reputed to be haunted, staff have reported seeing and hearing many strange things. Our investigation began at 11 pm and continued until 2.00 am. We captured quite a few orbs on our digital cameras as seen in the following pics. Our mediums did also contact several spirits which allegedly visit  the premises quite often. We are hoping to continue a further investigation with more of our members at a later date.

DSCF2438       DSCF2439 DSCF2524       DSCF5814                   DSCN0752 - Copy - Copy                     DSCN0751 - Copy

Enlarged photo     of apparition

DSCF5839      DSCF5838                        DSCN0769 - Copy

Vic and Bob above left trying to communicate with spirit through the spirit box. Above right an unusual  blue orb captured which is reputed to be a sign of peace and tranquility.







  1. Maggy says:

    Without knowledge of the clubs history. I picked up on flying, planes, aviation. I want to say; “Something of a ‘Biggles’ nature. I also sense a lot of food passing through that room, plus trophies of some sort. It would have been a busy place back in its day. Plenty of press interest.
    God Bless all both present and past. xxxxx

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