Instrumental Trans communication ( ITC )

Instrumental Trans communication is another method of contacting spirits. This is achieved by using any electronic device to capture images of spirits, or to record there voices (EVP) Electronic voice phenomenon.

Many pictures of spirits have been taken using the ITC method simply by using a television set tuned into the analogue channel and recording the images that appear on the screen with a digital video recorder pointing at the screen or by using a video recorder connected  to the television, which records what appears on the screen.  You then attempt to communicate with spirit and ask them to come through and show themselves on the screen. Some images have been captured whilst the television screen has been turned off simply by using a digital camera and taking photographs pointing towards the television. A recent photograph that Vic had taken may be an example of  ITC. It was one evening and Vic had just turned the Television set off he had his camera in his hand and started taking photographs in the living room. He wasn’t really trying to take any particular shots he just kept clicking away.

Afterwards when he began to look back at the images he had taken he noticed an unusually large black insect of some kind captured on his television screen. This insect was at least six inches long and appeared to be on the outside of the screen but what was also strange was the television screen itself was partly blue and the insect is clearly visible on the blue background. The television had been turned off so this was no image coming from the television channels. The insect itself was so large for any insect of  any variety in this country and If however it was I am sure Vic would have noticed it flying around his room and made a quick exit ha ha ha.

After reviewing the photographs and trying to capture the image again in the same conditions and surroundings, which wasn’t possible.  We have come to the conclusion that what Vic captured was probably an image using Instrumental Trans communication. What do you think ?

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