Atwick Church

A couple of years ago we decide to take the Group to Atwick Church to take photographs and tell some of the folklore storys which related to the area. We arrived at the Church gates and walked through the Graveyard towards the church. we stopped near a tree which was just in front of the church and decided to take photographs. As we stood with our cameras I heard what I can only describe as a growl coming from the grass in front of me. I stood and looked down at the grass and I heard this growl again. I then saw what appeared to be a translucent thing moving in the grass. I heard the growl again and turned to Vic who was standing a few feet away from me and said I have just heard a growl. He seemed quite shocked as no sooner had he repeated what I had said what a growl he then heard it for himself and I heard it again. We both described seeing something moving but not being able to see it was like a invisible form of some sort. No one else heard or saw what we did but we do believe it was a warning to us so we said a prayer and left the grave yard shortly afterwards. We have never returned as yet to the Graveyard as we took it as a warning to keep away.

After doing some research we believe we may have come across some type of folklore dog which they used to bury live in graveyards years ago to protect the dead. These dogs are a bad omen if seen in full form they are called many names one name being the Black shuck.

Below is a picture of the area were we stood look closely at the window there seems to be a face looking at us.