A Welcome From East Yorkshire Psychic Research and Paranormal Group

Hi, our names are Vic and Christine founders of the E.Y.P.R. group, (East Yorkshire Psychic Research).  Welcome to our site, both Christine and myself have had a number of years experience in the paranormal. Our group consist of 3 Chief Team Directors, Vic, Christine and Mel. 1 Team Director Brian And also Tina and David are Team Leaders as well as having around 60 other members and still growing.  We are a non profit making group that try to make a logical explanation on what we see or photograph, but in cases where we are not so sure we invite you to cast your own opinion.

First formed in the seventies the original group disbanded after a number of years, the group has now reformed as the E.Y.P.R. We are interested in all aspects of paranormal activity. We also look into UFO’s or unusual sightings.

Primarily, we are interested in ghost hunting and meet up, day or night, at a suitable venue, those that are reputed to be haunted, to collect evidence, seek explanations, and if possible confirm or reject paranormal activity. Vic and Christine have been ordained by the ULC church and Saint Lukes Evangelical church in American which enables them to do house blessings if required. We are also prepared to travel a reasonable distance to our investigations

The group is dedicated to helping people who have any alleged paranormal activity in there homes, work place, shops, churches, castles, and museums in fact anywhere that is reported to have had paranormal activity. We are always looking for new members, but you must be over eighteen years of age. Our monthly meeting place is the  Hornsea Ex Servicemens Club, Back Southgate Hornsea East Yorkshire, on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:15pm. We also have the Old Starr Inne pub in Bridlington which we use as a meeting place on the odd occasion. The next meeting June 6th will be held at the usual place at the Ex Servicemens Hornsea 

Please note that the August meeting will be cancelled due to holidays we may occasionally have a meeting in Hull. Our members come from various parts of the country and range from all types of occupation such as ex Police, Ambulance, Nurse, Shop Workers, Security etc.

Have you ever had a Paranormal or unexplained experience that you would like to share with us or have it investigated? Then please feel free to us contact, Vic 07890601328, Christine 07773487875.

Discretion is assured at all times. We treat all investigations with the utmost confidentiality

A Brief History of Ghost Hunting


Paranormal activity investigation better known as “ghost hunting” can be found as far back as 50 BC when the philosopher Athenodorus looked into a case of a chain rattling ghost in ancient Athens.  Ghost hunting actually began with the emergence of Spiritualism some where around the middle of the 18th centaury. The first organization dedicated to tracking down paranormal activity was The Ghost Club, formed in London in 1862, still in existence today, attracted over the year’s members such as the authors Sir Aurther Conan Doyel and Charles Dickens, the poet William Butler Yeats, also the actor Peter Cushing. The Ghost Club is still active in it’s pursuit of alleged haunting.